Trusts, protection and transfer of family businesses and assets

"Changes to an individual’s personal, family, professional or business situation are as important as company re-shuffles and market changes and poor management of the same can compromise personal, family and business assets"

Legalitax’s strength lies in its vast experience in assisting clients commonly known in the world of finance as “High Net Worth Individuals”. Our firm guides clients with significant equity in tax and legal matters with discretion and confidentiality (a must in these politically, socially and economically unstable times) in the complex art of protecting, improving and transferring the same via the most suitable judicial, financial and insurance solutions for the kind of asset and the situation from which the need arises.

Legalitax is large enough to manage the most complicated matters yet small enough to ensure that each and every client is personally attended to. More specifically Legalitax has a wealth of experience in planning, protecting and holding a vast range of assets including family businesses, property, yachts, aircraft and art collections by using instruments such as trusts, family trusts, insurance policies, family holdings, family agreements and other arrangements in order to allow and guarantee company transfers from generation to generation and the consequential smooth transition of all family assets. Legalitax ensures that said assets are protected from family-based, professional and business risks and guarantees the protection and maintenance of buildings of public interest, the preservation of the unity of collections and works of art, charitable objectives, liquidation objectives and the protection of vulnerable beneficiaries.

Furthermore Legalitax provides a vast range of services for asset management at each stage, from the evaluation of assets to book keeping and preparation of income tax returns. Our aim is to lighten our client’s load by taking care of all the day to day requirements so that our client can concentrate on more important matters.