“The newly-introduced and long-awaited European Regulation on privacy will firstly benefit individuals by strengthening their data protection rights and enhancing their trust in digital and analogue environments but will also significantly simplify the legal framework for businesses, organisations that institutionally handle personal data and the public sector. The new privacy regulations will encourage the development of the digital economy throughout the European Union and further field, in line with the strategic objectives set by the European Union due to be completed by 2020 and the more specific objectives on the European Digital Agenda. To sum up, this reform ensures that the protection of individuals’ data is stepped up a level while obliging economic operators (and more generally any organisation which routinely handles personal data) to adapt its privacy policy to comply with the new and more stringent digital safety standards, or face – as a deterrent to non-compliance – stiff penalties.”

Legalitax has been providing consultancy services on privacy matters to a wide range of businesses and organisations for many years. Legalitax particularly focuses on the non-profit sector, scientific research, entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical industry, technological and innovative start-ups, large-scale retail channels, betting and gaming (including online), drafting and editing privacy notices and relative consent forms, designating data supervisors and people in charge of handling data and taking care of notices to be sent to the Italian Data Protection Authority, as well as carrying out any other formalities provided in Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and measures set forth by the Italian Data Protection Authority itself.

Moreover, Legalitax:

  • Currently advises companies providing call centre services by addressing the numerous privacy issues related to transferring users’ data abroad (within and outside the EU), marketing activities (direct and indirect marketing) and profiling;
  • Carries out on-site due diligence with the aim of proposing solutions and strategies which are tailor-made to our clients’ organisations.

Finally, members of Legalitax:

  • Hold training courses on privacy and data protection issues (including those which provide training credits for lawyers) and are also on the Italian National Bar Council’s (Consiglio Nazionale Forense) register of speakers;
  • Publish in-depth articles and updates on amendments to existing data protection regulations and new developments on privacy matters;
  • Have been awarded (CDP/TUV) certification for their roles as Privacy Officer and Data Protection Officer (in accordance with Norma UNI EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012);
  • Are members of the most important and representative Italian organisations dealing with data protection (such as Federprivacy) and hold Quality Certificates for their roles as experts in data protection matters (in accordance with Law no.4 dated 14th January 2013).