Banking, finance and insurance regulations

"The current market and legal framework requires focus on the adoption of contractual solutions which be flexible, in line with the international banking standard, and compliant with the peculiarities of the Italian legal system and industrial environment, receptive of the commercial and financial needs of the relevant players.”

The experts of Legalitax are able to meet the needs of leading financial, banking and insurance institutions as well as of industrial clients, advising them on the various issues arising from the negotiations of a financing agreement, with a particular focus on acquisition finance, corporate finance, merger leverage buy-out, factoring, assignment of receivables in general, documentary credit, leasing, NPLs litigation and on distribution-intermediation of financial products issued by insurance companies and litigations related thereto.

The experts of Legalitax advise their clients on a broad range of banking transactions, including:

  • Acquisition finance and merger leverage buy out
  • Corporate loans
  • Assignment of receivables, factoring
  • Leasing and sale and leaseback
  • Performance bonds, banking guarantees, letters of credit
  • Project financing
  • Investment funds
  • Debt restructuring
  • Litigations on receivables included in NPLs porfolios

and in relation to financial products issued by insurance companies (innovative financial products, complex insurance products such as unit linked policies), evaluating the various profiles concerning regulations applicable to the issuers, activities, products themselves and relationships with customers.