International contracts

"Considering Italy’s currently complex situation, more and more Italian companies are seeking new opportunities abroad for the development of  their businesses. The opening  up of new markets in new countries presents a series of fiscal and legal choices as well as strategic and transactional challenges which must be faced appropriately."

Legalitax studio legale e tributario’s professionals have been working on international business  transactions for many years and manage all aspects of cross-border transactions: from setting up new businesses and companies, drafting agreements to regulate production, supply and distribution of goods and services to legal assistance should any kind of dispute arise.

More specifically, Legalitax offers assistance and consultancy services during the negotiation, drafting and execution phases of a number of agreements including:

  • Supply agreements 
  • Distribution agreements and agency agreements
  • Licensing agreements 
  • Procurement agreements
  • Letters of credit and guarantees (bid bonds, advance payment bonds, performance bonds) 
  • IT agreements
  • Research agreements
  • Insurance policies
  • Joint ventures agreements
  • Engineering agreements
  • International sale agreements
  • Shipping agreements

Over the years, Legalitax have built up solid relationships with clients in a range of fields including fashion, energy, the service industry, plant design, packaging, the automotive industry, construction and the pharmaceutical and medical apparatus industry, ICT, food and beverages, telecommunication and have accompanied clients during their expansion phases in Europe, the USA, North America, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, China, India and Russia.