Real Estate

"Our economic upturn and falling unemployment levels have had positive effects on the Italian real estate market making it much easier to take out a mortgage. Real estate markets all over Europe are growing at a rate above the GDP and Italy is following the lead of the main European markets.”


Legalitax has significant experience in the real estate sector and assists a range of clients from various fields with very different requirements: from the hotel industry to property investment funds, from small businesses to multinationals and their real estate transactions to public authorities and their management, discharge and enhancement of real estate procedures. 

Legalitax assists its clients with:

  • Evaluating all the legal aspects of property transactions with particular reference to joint venture agreements, establishment and acquisition of real estate portfolios and setting up property investment funds 
  • Consultancy services during the negotiation phase
  • Due diligence 
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements and any other legal documents required 
  • Drafting of property management agreements (project, asset and property management agreements) 
  • Drafting procurement contracts, rental agreements and contracts for the rental of business branches 
  • Analysis of fiscal profiles for each individual transaction 

The Legalitax team also includes consultants to the Associazione Albergatori di Roma (Rome Association of Hoteliers).