Non profit Organisations

"The so-called ‘Third Sector’, in a generalised situation of decline  of the western world, on one hand fill in the the gaps created by the crisis affecting the “Public” and “Private” sector and on the other hand is affected by  the want of financial sources available for institutional purposes.”

Legalitax specializes in advising  clients on any issues arising from the non-profit aconomy.

Our firm has experts in corporate, contractual and civil law and fiscal matters who have been working side by side for many years, capable of offering an integrated  legal and fiscal advise on the specific issues concerning the “Third Sector”.

 Our services concern:

  • Ordinary  and extraordinary legal and fiscal advice from  incorporation and ordinary operation of the non-profit entity
  • Legal opinions
  • Drafting of conventions and cooperation agreements with both private and public  organisations
  • Analysis of the legal tools aimed at optimising the fiscal impact of transactions between donors/sponsors and the non-profit organization
  • Accounting services and discharge fiscal obligations
  • Assistance in drafting mandatory annual accounting documents (financial statements,  fundraising  reports, annual tax returns)
  • Management of extraordinary transactions (mergers, spin-offs, demergers,  reorganizations, etc.)
  • Legal assistance in connection with critical phases (judicial administration, winding up, extinction, liquidation and definition of relationships among associates
  • Management of all relationshipps with competent authorities  (such as Non-profit  Agency - ex Agenzia per le Onlus, Italian Revenue Agency – “Agenzia delle Entrate”, Prefecture, local government, etc.)

Over the years our firm has assisted some of the most important entities in the nonprofit sector be they associations, foundations,  committees, trade associations,  charities, cultural associations, organisations operating in the health care sector,  scientific research sector and other areas.