Corporate taxation

"Every business decision made during the various phases of the development of a company gives rise to  a number of financial, economic and fiscal consequences. Therefore fiscal assistance and  consultancy in this area is not just limited to compliance with general business administration regulations  but also encompass the assessment of the impact, from a tax perspective , of all the decisions made by a company, so that the latter is always guided towards the most beneficial choice”.

Legalitax provides continuous assistance on fiscal planning, whilst taking into account all the legal and tax implications of the same, in order to identify the most effective solution for the company, exploiting opportunities offered by the national and international tax systems. 

Legalitax’s close working relationship with its clients encompasses a wide range of activities such as: 

  • Tax planning and optimisation of the tax treatment of national and multinational corporate groups
  • Expatriate taxation
  • Innovative Start – Up taxation
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Tax advise with regard to the establishment and management of foreign branches of Italian companies
  • Tax advise with regard to the establishment and management of Italian branches of foreign companies
  • Tax treatment in the energy sector  
  • Tax opinions, advise on corporate tax issues, and issues concerning direct and/or indirect taxation matters or those regarding the construction and application of national and international tax rules 
  • Advise on national and international VAT matters 

Further to the above Legalitax also provides ordinary tax assistance activities including:

  • Drafting of financial statements and semi-annual/quarterly  pro-forma financial statements
  • Identification of tax bands
  • Drafting of income tax returns 

Legalitax’s team provides its clients with assistance should any tax litigation arise, both in the litigation phase and in the pre-litigation phase. More generally, the team also assists its clients when dealing with the tax authorities such as the Agenzie delle Entrate (National Inland Revenue), Direzioni Regionali delle Entrate (Regional Inland Revenue), Ministero dell’Economia e Finanze (Ministry of Economics and Finance) and Dogane (Customs).