After the declaration of national emergency on January 31, 2020 as a consequence of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy, the Italian Government has issued several laws and regulations, on the one hand imposing restrictions on all professional and economic activities with the scope of limiting the spread of the Covid-19, and on the other hand aiming to provide financial and economic aids to undertakings affected by the suspension of their activities.

In response to this situation and with a sense of responsibility not only towards our lawyers, tax advisors and staff, but also towards the community, since the first days of the outbreak we have worked from home. As we have been preparing for this way of operating in advance, in terms of tools, equipment and procedures, our assistance continued as usual, without interruption.

Moreover, since the beginning of March 2020 we decided to set up a task force following the developments of the incoming legislation and addressing the main legal and tax aspects of the emergency.

Legalitax task force covers most of the law and tax advice areas and is led by the following partners of Legalitax:

  • Banking and Finance:  Luitgard Spögler
  • Commercial Litigation: Alessandro Polettini
  • Corporate and Commercial: Andrea Rescigno (task force coordinator)
  • Data Protection: Alessandro Pappalardo 
  • Insolvency: Maurizio Cimetti
  • Labour: Luciano Racchi and Marcello Trombetta
  • Tax Advice: Alessandro Gulisano, Alberto De Nigro and Alessandro Pinci
  • Tax Litigation: Antonio Iorio and Massimo Baglioni and Ms. Laura Ambrosi 


Please do not hesitate to contact any of the partners above for any assistance in connection with the Italian Covid-19 special legislation.