Administrative Law

“Over the years government departments have increasingly moved towards community-led projects in partnership with businesses and individuals, which, in turn has led to administrative law being seen as the common law of business between government departments and private entities”   

One of Legalitax’s priorities is keeping the channels of communication open both with our clients and with our counterparties and this asset, due to the current economic climate, becomes an important  instrument available to both government agencies and individuals who seek our firm’s assistance on judicial and extra judicial matters. 

Legalitax’s experience in the field of administrative law for both individuals and businesses (and consequently laws governing public entities and public companies and those concerning the enactment of deeds and procurement) allows us to ensure that the best possible assistance and consultancy services are provided to private and public bodies during their core activity, from drawing up calls for tender to assistance throughout the whole tender process (for both the awarding authority and those participating in the tender). Full assistance is also provided with the adherence to regulatory, urban-planning and  expropriation procedures, as well as management of internal governance, with a particular focus on private initiatives which are owned by the State or government agencies.

Legalitax specialises in:
•    Public contracts 
•    Setting up public tenders 
•    Providing assistance to both contracting authorities and businesses during the tendering procedure
•    Urban planning
•    Expropriation procedures
•    Relations with regulatory authorities 
•    Corporate governance in state-owned or combined ownership companies.