Corporate criminal law

Legalitax cooperates with Fabio Pinelli’s firm, which is a firm specialised in corporate criminal law in order to be able to advise executives, directors and shareholders of its corporate clients on any issue arising from corporate criminal law.

Pinelli’s firm has gained an in-depth expertise in matters ranging from criminal bankruptcy law to corporate law, from environmental to fiscal offences, from employer liability to administrative liability arising from crimes committed by legal persons.

His firm also specialises in "crime prevention" for businessmen and provides consultancy services aimed at safeguarding businesses from the "criminal risks" which may arise as a result of the breach of corporate organizational standards and supervisory regulations.

Following the entry into force of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, Legalitax provides advise to its clients on any issue connected to the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and cooperates  with its clients in shaping and drafting the organisational, management and supervisory codes aimed at the prevention of the crimes dealt with by the above-mentioned legislative decree on criminal and administrative liability of legal entities.

Legalitax assists its clients on the following issues:

  • Stock manipulation
  • Illegal acquisition of corporate assets and money
  • Bankruptcy crimes
  • Fraudulent accounting in financial statements, untrue communications to shareholders and auditors
  • Breach of rules on formation of corporate capital
  • Illegal profit or asset distribution by liquidators
  • Misappropriation of corporate assets
  • Fraudulent trading
  • Environmental crimes
  • Employer criminal liability
  • Food safety regulation

Furthermore, our firm also assists its corporate clients on oter criminal law matters such as offences against public administration, individuals or property when the corporate client is involved.