Debt Restructuring and Insolvency Proceedings

"The current worldwide financial crisis more and more frequently forces companies to seek the most flexible solutions to resolve business crisis situations".

Legalitax’s professionals have gained a wide experience in the field of debt restructuring, working, both for borrowers and lenders, in order to overcome the different business crisis phases and in connection with the subsequent insolvency proceedings, as well as of all tax issues connected with such kind of transactions.

In particular, Legalitax professionals can provide  professional services in connection with the following:

  • advice to debtors in order to identify the most suitable legal structures to prevent insolvency;
  • advice in all kinds of Court or out-of-Court insolvency and restructurings proceedings, both with the aim of going concern and liquidation;
  • advice to lenders in order to find the most appropriate tools by which to manage the financial crisis of their borrowers, including the negotiation of agreements and debt restructuring plans;
  • corporate reorganisations
  • turnaround transactions.

Furthermore, Legalitax’s professionals have held numerous offices in insolvency proceedings over the years and have also issued attested plans ("piani attestati") in relation to Pre-bankruptcy compositions with creditors proceedings ("concordati preventivi").

The perfect synergies and co-operation between the different teams, proper to collect the experiences gained by both lawyers and tax advisors allows the firm to provide, in the field of the debt restructurings, a complete support on issues both of a legal, tax and business planning nature.