Of Counsel

We firmly believe that our clients have to be able to trust us, safe in the knowledge that we can deliver prompt and professional answers to their requirements.

For this reason we have strong links with well-known professionals, distinguished scholars and the best professional firms which permit us to build on/supplement, when necessary, our firm’s skills and guarantee our clients a tailor-made service of the highest level. 

Francesco Benedetti - Tax expert


Francesco Benedetti, tax expert and of counsel to Legalitax.
He specialises in providing corporate and tax consultancy services and is also an auditor and director for a number of important companies, some of which are subject to supervision by the Bank of Italy. Francesco Benedetti is regularly appointed temporary receiver and official receiver for important insolvency procedures.

Areas of expertise: consultancy services on matters including corporate and tax matter, extraordinary transactions and insolvency procedures

Languages: Italian, English and French.

Education: Degree in Economics from the University of Bologna.

Professional Association: Association of Chartered Accountants of Verona. Register of Statutory Auditors (Official Italian Gazzette 31/bis 21/4/1995 – no. 4752).



Cristina Bellomunno - IP lawyer


Cristina Bellomunno, lawyer and of counsel to Legalitax is an expert in Intellectual Property law. She provides legal advice in the field of Intellectual Property developing and protecting companies’ intangible assets. She assists clients by drawing up legal contracts dealing with intellectual property rights (such as licensing, franchising and co-branding agreements) and represents them both in court (also before the EU Courts) and in out-of-court negotiations.

Cristina Bellomunno is coauthor of the commentary on “Codice della Proprietà Industriale” edited by Professor Adriano Vanzetti. She belongs to the expert advisory board of the legal review “Giurisprudenza Annotata di Diritto Industriale”, for which she has commented upon many rulings; she has also written several articles on Intellectual Property matters on other leading legal journals including “Il Diritto industriale”, “Rivista di diritto industriale”, “Il Foro italiano”, “Guida al diritto” and others. She has contributed to legal training organized by the Supreme Council of Judges (Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura), the international Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), CONVEY, the Advances School for the Legal Professions at the University of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce of Lodi.

In the past Cristina Bellomunno collaborated with primary law firms operating in the area of industrial property law such as Studio Vanzetti e Associati, Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti, the law firm of Prof. Avv. Spolidoro, Studio Legale Rapisardi.

Focus: IP law (trademarks and other distinctive signs, patents, designs and models, geographical indications and designations of origins, know-how, copyright); unfair competition; information technology law; license, franchising and co-branding agreements.

Languages: Italian and English.

Education: She graduated from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan (1996).

Professional Associations: Admitted at the Bar of Milan (1999). Admitted at the Special Bar of the Italian Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) (2013)


Ilaria Carli - IP lawyer


Ilaria Carli, lawyer and of counsel to Legalitax, is specialized in the field of Intellectual Property, copyright, information technology and advertising law. She advises both domestic and foreign clients, notably in design, publishing, fashion and software industry, providing a wide range of legal services both in judicial and extra judicial areas (advising, drafting and negotiation of legal agreements aimed at the commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights).

Ilaria Carli is regularly invited to speak at conferences and seminars on intellectual property matters. She contributed to the master's course in Intellectual Property and Antipiracy organized by CONVEY Intelligence & Knowledge of Turin. She is a member of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property).

Ilaria Carli has worked for primary national law firms; in particular Bonelli Erede Pappalardo and Mondini - Rusconi law firm.

Focus: IP law (trademarks and other distinctive signs, patents, designs and models, geographical indications and designations of origins, know-how; copyright); unfair competition; information technology law; license, franchising, agency and distribution agreements; antipiracy; domain name disputes resolution proceedings; due diligence activity in IP matters within M&A transactions. 

Languages: Italian, English and French.

EducationShe graduated from the Padua University (1992) and achieved an LL.M. in Intellectual Property at the University of London (Queen Mary and Westfield College, 1997).

Professional Association: Admitted to the Bar of Padua (from 1992 up to 2005). Admitted to the Bar of Milan (since 2006)



Alessio Riato - tax advisor


Alessio Riato, tax expert and auditor, of Counsel di Legalitax, has many years experience in debt restructuring and bankruptcy procedures and acts as an advisor in corporate turnaround and debt under the provisions contained in articles 67, para 3, point d) bankruptcy law (the so-called “piani asseverati”), 182-bis and 182-ter bankruptcy law (debt restructuring and fiscal transaction agreements), as well as arrangement with creditors procedures (art. 160 and subsequent amendments of Italian bankruptcy law).

Moreover he is also highly specialized in M&A transactions and corporate taxation matters.

Alessio Riato holds the role of Statutory Auditor on a number of Boards of Statutory Auditors for both joint-stock companies (S.p.A.) and limited liability companies (S.r.l.) and is also a registered court-appointed technical expert (CTU) and party-appointed technical expert (CTP) for the Courts of Padua and Venice.

Previously Alessio Riato worked at Studio Tomasin Commercialisti di Venezia (2000-2004), Studio Associato LCA Avvocati e commercialisti d’impresa (2004-2008) and CBA Studio Legale Tributario (2009-2012).


Areas of expertise: Property, Energy, Automotive, Shipping, Food, Insurance

Languages: Italian, English and French.

Education:  Degree in Economics, with legal studies from  The University of Ca’ Foscari, Venice 

Professional Association: Association of Chartered Accountants Venice (2004), Court appointed technical expert auditor (C.T.U)  Registered with the Court of Venice (2005).