Valerio Moretti

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Practise Areas
Tax litigation
Corporate Taxation

International and EU taxation
Criminal Tax Law
Company Law
No profit

Degree in Law from the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”

Professional Association
Bar of Rome

Italian, English


Valerio Moretti, lawyer, is a member of the tax department at Legalitax’s Rome offices.

As a member of the tax litigation team he provides legal consultancy services and judicial assistance to Italian and foreign companies on matters such as:

  • Fiscal verification of company income
  • VAT
  • Registration taxes
  • Mortgage and Cadastral Register taxes
  • Excise duties
  • Local taxes
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax avoidance 
  • Relocation Abroad
  • Tax on Non-moveable property
  • Tax credit
  • Taxation during insolvency proceedings.

Valerio Moretti has gained a wealth of experience in representing and defending resident and non-resident companies for administrative matters and those brought before Financial Authorities, matters heard before the law courts and those brought before fiscal courts, ordinary courts and administrative courts.  

In reference to assistance provided in administrative courts, Valerio Moretti assists clients during tax settlement procedures, self-defence, access to records, drafting of various questionings and during the verification phases.

Valerio Moretti has completed various training courses held at the IPSOA training school on issues such as : “Evidence in Tax Trials” (La prova nel processo tributario), “Tax law in tax litigation”(Corso di diritto tributario sul contenzioso tributario) and “Further analysis on Tax Trials” (Seminari di approfondimento sul processo Tributario) organised by the Bar of Rome.

He is co-author of the insert, “Guide to donations in 2007, the inland revenue and tax-deductible donations with the new ‘five per thousand’ tax reserve details” (Guida alle donazioni 2007, il fisco e le erogazioni liberali con i particolari del nuovo 5 per mille”) enclosed with the no-profit technical journal “Vita”.

Previously, Valerio Moretti attained the role of Senior at CBA Studio Legale e Tributario, (previously known as Studio Legale e Tributario Camozzi & Bonissoni).

He held the role of co-speaker at the following conventions:

  • Abuse of right
  • New tax litigation provisions
  • New regulations on verification, collection and litigation
  • Procedures to settle potential litigation
  • New deflationary methods for fiscal litigation