Luciano Racchi

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Practice Areas
Employment law, social security law and trade union rights
Employment litigation

Chemical and pharmaceutical sector
Environmental Services
Metalworking and mechanical engineering 
Service Industry

Degree in Law from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan

Professional Association
Admitted to the Bar of Milan (1982)
Supreme Court (2002)



Luciano Racchi, lawyer and partner at Legalitax, has been working exclusively in the field of employment law, social security law and trade union rights since 1982 and deals with all the legal issues regarding employment.

He has provided assistance and continues to assist a variety of businesses including large industrial groups belonging to a wide range of sectors with a particular focus on the chemical and pharmaceutical, telecommunications and construction industry, mechanical engineering, environmental services and the service industry.

He is an expert in the reorganisation of going concerns, collective lay-off and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, outsourcing agreements and remuneration packages for senior management. Furthermore she specialises in employment and social security litigation with particular focus on the correct INPS (Social Security Services) and INAIL (Italian government agency for the prevention of work-related injuries) classifications being granted for businesses.

Luciano Racchi is frequently invited to speak at conferences, seminars and courses and has written a number of articles and comments on employment litigation which have been published in legal journals. He has had two monographs published on the contractual aspects and applicable law for employment abroad and employment litigation  (“Lavoro all’Estero – Disciplina Contrattuale e Legge applicabile” Diritto e Pratica del Lavoro “Oro”, IPSOA 1996; “Controversie di lavoro- processo, conciliazione e arbitrato” Diritto e pratica del Lavoro “I Corsi”, IPSOA, 1997).

He was a member of the Executive Board of AGI Lombardy for two consecutive mandates and is a member of AGI (Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani - Italian Employment Lawyers) and is also a member of EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association).

Before joining Legalitax Luciano Racchi began his career at Menichino e Associati law firm (1982-1995) and then became a founding partner of Racchi Riva Ciampolini e Associati law firm (1995-2006) and  then went on to found “Racchi e De Benedetti Avvocati Associati” as a partner (2007 -2014).